About Us

Two Anointed Hands is a faith-based online boutique of handmade specialty items created with black and brown women in mind.  Each piece is unique and hand-crafted by a woman for other women, who know that we're more than what society has deemed us to be.

We use high quality, reliable, and durable materials to create amazing handmade items with you - women who sport afros, braids, and full lips; African print and molas - in mind. Home decor, a beautiful painting for your wall, elegant jewelry for you, a greeting card for your loved ones or a cool T – shirt to gift your bestie, you will find it here.  

Our works are equally amazing and affordable at the same time.

Customization is available!

We can craft things according to our consumers demand. You design or tell us your vision, we deliver a beautiful product which will be custom made specifically for you.

We put our heart and soul into what we make. Why? Our biggest mission is to provide the best service to its customers because happy customers makes us happy. And it makes God happy.